Alumni Club and Affinity Network Leader Resources

Your Guide to Establishing and Leading a Club or Affinity Network

Kellogg alumni clubs and affinity networks play a critical role in building a community of alumni dedicated to helping one another succeed. As an alumni leader, you are a vital member of our team and we’re committed to supporting your journey at every step of the way.

We’ve developed this suite of resources to assist you in this role. The Alumni Club and Affinity Network Leaders Playbook and the resources that make up the brand assets are designed to help you build a successful, sustainable alumni club or affinity network.

Playbook of Best Practices

A comprehensive guide to best practices in club and affinity network leadership, the playbook will help you establish, grow and sustain a successful club or affinity network. Among the resources, you’ll find:

  • Best practices for planning and promoting events
  • How to recruit volunteers
  • Strategies for establishing a sound financial structure

Brand Assets

Kellogg club and affinity network leaders not only help strengthen the Kellogg brand, but also bring to life our purpose of educating, equipping and inspiring brave leaders. Click on each of the links below and you'll be guided to download the resources you need to assist you in many of your club or affinity network activities.

Please note special instructions for downloading logos:

When you click on the relevant “Logos” link, you will be directed to a Box account to download logos “For Print” or “For Digital.” (In most cases, you will need digital logos.) Under the “For Digital” folder, you will have the option to download a white logo, a black and purple logo, or a logo specifically sized for the “Event Banners” file (another resource listed under the brand assets). The logos can be used in a variety of the other resources. Simply click on the one that you want, find your club or affinity network and click on the link to download.

Instructions for Creating an Event

Before you can create an event, all users must first have an account with Eventbrite. If you already have one, start with Step 2. If you do not have an account, start with Step 1 and proceed to Step 2, or email the Alumni Relations team for assistance with the account setup process.

STEP 1: Setting Up an Eventbrite Account

  • Go to the Alumni Community Events page
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your first and last name, plus a password
  • Click “Allow Access”
  • After allowing access, you will be sent back to the community landing page

STEP 2: Adding an Event

  • Pick the event you want to import
  • Click “edit” to change or update event information
  • Fill in all fields
    • NOTE: At the end, under “Additional Settings,” please make sure to click the appropriate “Public” or “Private” box depending on the nature of your event
  • Once all fields are populated, click “Open Event” to preview information
  • Click “Done” to publish event
    • To make any changes to an event, click “Edit” and go back to the Eventbrite dashboard
  • To add more events, click “Add Another” and follow the rest of the instructions

More Information

  • To see events that others have imported, click “Get Started”
  • Next, click one of the templates (can be any template), and a list of events will appear
  • To remove an event that has already been imported, click “Remove”

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